Here is a gathering of different projects I have completed:

Phosphorus recovery from municipal wastewater – Literature Review (19.12.2013)
This project report give an overview of state-of-the-art technologies that are used for recovery of phosphorus from municipal wastewater. The main phosphorus removal technologies is also discussed, as method for removal is crucial to what method of recovery can be applied. For each P-recovery technology, different aspects will be considered such as process description, end product, application area, challenges, etc.

Polyphosphate accumulating organisms (PAO) – recent advances in the microbiology of enhanced biological phosphorus removal (10.12.2013)
This paper give an overview over the recent advances regarding the microbiology of polyphosphate accumulating organisms, which are a group of essential organisms for EBPR systems. This paper was written as a term paper in the graduate course Environmental Biotechnology from University of Minnesota.