Learning Spanish!

My method for learning Spanish has consisted of experimentation of many different methods, programs and resources. There is tons of material out there, since Spanish is one of the most popular languages to learn as a second language. I didn’t follow a specific plan, but mainly learned about what I found interesting along the way. Read a lot on spanish Wikipedia, saw spanish movies, talked to friends, wrote to friends, wrote a spanish journal, mainly learning by doing. A big part is also learning what I found necessary, not what a teacher told me. And also be humble to your mistakes and don’t get offended if natives correct you.

Here is some of my favourite resources:

1. Duolingo

Pros: Super simple to start with, varied exercises, natural progression, forum
Cons: Oriented to translating (not necessarily con)

This was the site that got me hooked on language learning in the first place. I don’t think Duolingo is sufficient by it self, and it is more focused on translating text than conversation. But it has a great power in getting people starting with language. Once you get over the first bump you can go onwards and use other resources. It is super simple to start with, so a great starting point!

2. SpanishDict

Best dictionary around, examples in context, verb conjugations

3. Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Native material from a wide variety of countries, transcribed

4. StudySpanish.com

Great place for grammer lessons

5. Top Blogs

Benny the Irish polyglot – Fluent in 3 Months – (Huge amount of inspiration and tips)
How to learn Spanish – Huge amount of tips
Lingholic – Great general language learning tips
Everyday Language Learner

6. Steve Kaufmann Youtube

Excellent youtube channel with many tips on the input method

7. Native speakers

If you live in a decent sized city I am sure that there are some spanish speakers in the city that you can practice with. This is definitely the best resource!